Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Embarked from Oblog to personal portal to the X-Space is that simple

Blog service can be called the Internet users love the "new biology", as if overnight domestic large and small sites are "Bo" the. My site is also not lag behind, with Oblog system built to my blog site.

Basic running, emerged the same problem as other owners: set up a blog based on ASP platform, data loss often been subjected to "test"; when an excessive number of visits, visit the degree of the problem very slow; also upgrade Oblog systems are scratching their heads .

Also Oblog only able to provide a simple log service, which in the blog and the great popularity of homogenization can not be said today is not severe pain. How to make your website stand out? Has been struggling to find the other blog sites with different products and services, until they found after X-Space system.

Last month, Discuz! Issued a personal portal system-X-Space, at first thought it was a personal blog personal systems, attending the June 3 in the X-Space webmaster exchange Caidui X-Space with a comprehensive understanding and position. The original X-Space is not only a blog, photo album services, but also by X-Space established circle of friends, online mall construction, construction software download station, completely different from the function of a single Oblog. In addition, X-Space is also available with its Discuz! Forum for the perfect integration, content push each other, So I also changed the Forum Discuz! Bar, which is more convenient for my user operation, use.

In short, for those of us attach importance to the user registrations, attach importance to service managers in terms of users, X-Space can be friends firmly stuck on the site, because it can more easily demonstrate individual, for the users to provide more personalized interaction.

Decide to delete the original Obolg, and then configure the more feature-rich X-Space. However, before you install X-Space has encountered a problem: the original data in the blog how to handle it? The data give Olog now resolutely turned configuration X-Space? Seems too "morally"; with data conversion process, I do not understand the code of the owners it would seem a difficult point; how to best of both worlds then?

Go, go Discuz! Forum to find solutions. Sure enough in the Discuz! Forum "SS/XS- program is distributed" (www.discuz.net/forum-74-1.html) version of the discovery of sets of conversion. Original Discuz! Official has also been thought of rookie owners do not understand this code, we developed specifically for "fool" the conversion process. Even the rookie owners do not understand the code, as long as the operation to perform the conversion process in accordance with, and can easily implement Oblog to the X-Space data conversion. In accordance with the conversion software, tips, step by step Oblog their data to achieve a seamless transition to the X-Space.

Now, my site is not just a blog site, or it is a "bundled Myspace, YHOO! Albums and Taobao transactions" quasi-Web 2.0 portal.

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